Welcome To J.T. Moore Holdings

Our goal  is to drive profits for hand-picked businesses. We’ve developed a proprietary toolkit to make small businesses profitable enough to take on their competitors and the nationwide brands. Tools to engage customers, tools to teach you to be more strategic, Tools to make your business more competitive. We use this power to help local, well-trusted businesses become more profitable. If you’re the underdog entrepreneur, we believe your success is good for your local economy. Everyone getting their fair share leads to strong communities . And strong communities are the backbone of a great nation. The Return on Investment starts with you and ripples across communities.

Our Founder J.T. Moore is more myth than man, being the brainchild of Tricia Tamkin and Jason Thibeault. You can learn more about them by clicking on their names. They’ve spoken internationally for years, trained and coached business owners for a decade, and even still privately coach a few select individuals. 

We’ve been asked why we’re so open about the founders of our holdings company. We think the better question to ask is, Why is it so hard to get in touch with CEOs and Presidents? They should stand proudly behind the activities of their business, not hide from public scrutiny.

Small business accelerator

The secret to growing sales for small businesses is simple. We combine the brilliant sales techniques Tricia Tamkin brings to the table with crazy far-out-of-the box tricks from Jason Thibeault. if you don’t have your own Tricia or Jason, perhaps you can take advantage of ours.