About Tricia Tamkin

Tricia’s youth in the Chicago burbs was spent divided between reading and sports. She was the only girl in the boys’ league for baseball, and still managed to sneak in gymnastics, cheerleading, and a starring role in Grease.

Tricia’s prep school made college comparatively easy. When something is too easy, Tricia moves on. At 19, she interviewed for a job she’d never heard of – Headhunter. The day after her interview, she called the agency owner and told him she’d made a decision. She was going to be a recruiter, either for him or someone else. She was immediately hired, and went on to be the top producer in the firm before she was old enough to have a cocktail.

In the early days, Tricia was content to be the top biller anywhere she went. Then her boss told her she needed to play nicer in the sandbox with the other employees. A month later she opened Wolftec, her executive search firm. 

Nearly a quarter century later, she’s been widowed twice, fought and won several court battles, given birth, and lost a parent. She’s expanded her staff to more than a dozen, and then slimmed it back down, outsourcing everything.

Then, a client asked her to stop recruiting tech salespeople, and instead to build them a recruiting team. With her years of owning a firm, constant professional development, and help from Jason, she did just that. She recruited the team, made the hiring decisions, trained them, and worked herself out of a client… but into a new industry.

Tricia has spent the last ten years speaking on the most prominent stages in the recruiting industry, developing and delivering an acclaimed training program, and coaching some of the highest producers in our industry. She’s a F’n gladiator, who does a random act of kindness every day. She also still makes cold calls and answers her own phone.


Launches first ever Ethics program for recruiters (coming soon!)
Fourteen conferences in 12 months
Co-Founded Church of Executive Search, while simultaneously training and recruiting
Attended Tony Robbin’s Business Mastery- overloaded with ideas
Expanded Moore eSSentials staff and focused on building training and speaking business
Launched Client Cornucopia. Married again, third time’s a charm
Taught Pinnacle Society for the first time (top 80 headhunters in North America) to rave reviews
Co-launched first ever Facebook sourcing class, 18 days after Facebook launched Graph Search
First time speaking at ASA, traveled around North America and Canada training recruiters
Taught first Sourcing Class and first Private Training for an executive search firm
Retained to recruit, hire, train and build external recruiting department for client
Second Husband dies, better knock this off. Let everyone go and moved recruiting desk home
Build Wolftec to 10 recruiters and 3 support staff
Launch FastGround, a web-based real estate collaboration platform
Win award from Cognizant Technology Solutions for executive search excellence
Son is born, husband is diagnosed with terminal blood cancer
Close Lockwood Ross despite profitability, focusing only recruiting
Generate 1M from one client for first time (Accenture)
Launch Lockwood Ross, an outplacement firm. Married second husband.
Closed $150K engaged deal (50/50/50), biggest to date
Tech bubble bursts, closed Padigent, bought Disney property
First husband dies, start traveling extensively and launch Padigent, for startup tech firms
Only accepted 100K jobs. Blanked for 5 months. Closed 11 deals in 10 weeks. Took 3 months off.
Started Wolftec, an executive search firm still running today, took first class in Boolean
Top internal recruiter with 72 starts, 94% of which were unassisted with over 19% executives
Accepted internal recruiting position at Whitman Hart
Top producing recruiter in 15-person agency, billing 272K in first twelve months
Left college after 2 years to become a commission only agency recruiter in IT
Graduated from St. Francis High School, and began college at Eastern Illinois University
Won essay contest to be the Attorney General of Bloomingdale for a day
Played the Grand Prize Game on Bozo’s Circus and missed the first bucket
Born September 17th, an only child

Enthusiastic Love from Tricia's Clients

Gina DeFazio

-President, Mid-Atlantic MedSales

“Tricia is an excellent, professional and dynamic educator/speaker. She is also a first-rate individual who will go above and beyond to ensure your success. If you are considering Client Cornucopia, I highly recommend it.”

Todd Frey

-Manager Talent Acquisition, Equinix

“I have had the privilege of learning from Tricia. I literally can say that Tricia is “Second to None!” Tricia is passionate about her work; she ensures that she has covered every detail to effectively present the right solution to her students. I know I will be able to move forward in my career with the exceptional skills I have learned from her. All the training I have received from Tricia has proved to be priceless!”

Ginny Trombetti

-Co Managing Partner, Oficio Group llc

“I was fortunate to be able to train with Tricia and I have to say that both my partner and I are extremely happy with the results of this training. I personally found Tricia to be extremely detailed & knowledgable about the topics. The training process was easy to follow and Tricia’s person-ability and fairness made the information easier to assimilate. She also right in emphasizing perfecting the craft through practice. I would gladly train with Tricia again in the future and am happy to highly recommend her for your recruiting training needs.”

Robbie Sewell

-CEO, Saddlebrook Associates

“It is without reservation that I recommend Tricia Tamkin and Moore Essentials for state-of-the-art recruiter training, regardless of one’s tenure in the business. Tricia’s intelligence, depth of character, sense of humor, and overflowing toolbox will support any recruiter seeking meaning and methodology in how to run a successful, gratifying recruitment practice. Having Tricia as a mentor and trainer is a gift. I have taken every training module Moore offers and would take more should they expand their curriculum. I feel I can finally check my bags; my journey for a recruitment trainer that “speaks to my condition” has reached its destination. Take one or all of Moore’s programs. Your practice will be transformed!”

Al Born

-Owner, Electronic Search Inc.

“Tricia has been invaluable in teaching me new techniques on how to become a better recruiter. Her method of teaching is refreshing and engaging. She definitely keeps you engaged during her training sessions. I would highly recommend her.”

Thomas Denton

-Principal, Apex Home Health Services

“Tricia has performed above and beyond my expectations. She delivers useful, timely information with a very pleasant personality. The training and educational content is well thought out and carefully structured. Her personality presents itself in such a way as to bring successful understanding of a complex subject to the recipient.”

Matthew Moses

-Principal, CrossOver Recruiting

“Nine years. I believe it’s been nine years since my first eSSentials class with Tricia and Moore eSSentials. Nine years on, and I still make daily use of the tools she and Jason taught, and continue to teach as the course evolves. Her depth of knowledge of the subject matter obviously comes from years of practical experience. I’ve found Tricia’s ability to clearly and patiently explain the content with just the right amount of wit injected to be her greatest gift. The tools Moore eSSentials teaches are, in my opinion, required learning for any recruiter who wants to run an efficient, effective, and authentic/human practice. You set the goals that are right for you and your business, and they’ll provide you the tools to make it happen!”

Patti Avornyoh

-Founder, Pierce Locke & Associates

“I never write recommendations for just anyone but this one is truly deserved. I was a student in Tricia’s class and the thing that impressed me the most was her professionalism, knowledge of the industry, accurate if not perfect answers to questions. Although, the class was online it was almost like being in the classroom physically. I highly recommend Tricia as my knowledge of sourcing increased under Tricia’s tutelage.”

Steve Reznikoff

-Partner, MicroSystems Automation Group