J.T. Moore Small Business Grant Application
Who Should Apply?

J.T. Moore Grant Applications are appropriate for:

J.T. Moore Grant Applications are not appropriate for:

Wait a Minute. How Much is it?

Nothing. Not a penny. No application fee. No monthly payments. If you qualify, it’s all free.

Here’s how it works

At J.T. Moore Holdings, we generate revenue for our clients.

After significant due diligence, we select specific markets to enter. We learn everything. The history, the trends, the players, the market and how-to best position for growth.

Patience is one of our superpowers.

We know it takes time to establish a presence, and because of our proprietary method, we strategically invest and build, knowing our returns won’t be immediate.

During this phase, leads start to trickle in. Real people with real needs for real services. When that happens, we aren’t yet fully prepared to deliver at our own standards. But we don’t want the customers to go unserved.

That’s where you come in.

We select a company in the right industry and geography, and we help them grow their business, while we’re growing ours.
But it doesn’t stop there. 

What comes with the grant, should you win?

I’m Ready to Apply.