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You Must Sell the Right Way to Survive

The Down & Dirty (TL;DR)

How does this work?

You need clients and we can help you secure them. We teach this course live twice a year, and it’s a little like boot camp. The first week you’ll be on a live webinar for two hours a day in the afternoon. During this time we’ll teach you how to do tactical business development. These are the techniques to get new clients in the short term, 1 -3 months from now.

Then we’ll meet once a week for three more weeks. During this time we’ll work on your strategic business development. We’ll teach you what to do now in order to have clients coming to you in six to eighteen months.

You need both tactical and strategic business development if you want to get off the hamster wheel of hunt-kill-eat-repeat. We can get you there.


Gary Perman, President, PermanTech

“Before I took Client Cornucopia I was taking job orders transactionally and poorly qualified orders resulting in less filled positions. In the last 4 months since the program, I’ve written fewer orders but with higher quality searches, closer relations with the hiring executives, changed my proposal format, and refined my marketing, resulting in better relationships with new clients and solid placements. I had a new client before I completed the program. I just started my second and third search with that client. Client Cornucopia was well worth the investment of time and finances. Great program for any recruiter/headhunter who “knows it all”

What’s in it for me?

As a result of this program, you’ll:

I’m ready for new clients!

Next Live Class Schedule

This program is front loaded, so when you get started, you are learning before you get too far ahead of yourself. It’s worked fantastically for our students. Note: We were half filled for the last session before we sent a single marketing email. No pressure, but class size is limited.

What if I don't want to wait for the next live class?

You don't have to wait, you can start right now!

We used to only teach this program live, but because of consistent requests from recruiters, we now also over it on-demand. That means you don’t have to attend class during prime business hours. You don’t have to wait for our next live session, which could be months away. You can watch videos of the sessions and learn at your own pace, but still attend the next Live Client Cornucopia, should you desire. Not only do you have access to the videos from the most recent session, but you’ll also be able to attend one live session each month where we go deep into additional business development strategies. In these sessions you’ll be able to ask questions, and get immediate help in our alumni only group. But there’s a catch. It’s significantly larger invest. Actually, double. If you want to start Client Cornucopia right now, have all the recordings, and attend a year of live sessions, you’ll need to invest $5000 USD. We promise it pays for itself ten times over.

Live Program Specifics